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Leadership Team 2020-2021:

President: Ryan Coleman
Vice President: Shymaine Davis
Second Vice President: Melissa Y. Wright Powell
Third Vice President: Shawnte Thompson
Fourth Vice President: Anaya Smith
Treasurer: Pamela Fowlkes                                                                                                  
Secretary: Marcia Jones
Assistant Secretary: Tiara Williams

Executive Committee ( At Large Members)

Therman Reed
Deverne Coleman
Ray Moseley
Serenity Smith
Judith Peart                                                                                                                                                 Shawntay Bell

COMMITTEES:                                                                                                                                                                                       Coordinating Committee: Anaya Smith, Chair                                                            Communication/Social Media: Nigeria Rolling-Ford, Chair                                                            Criminal Justice Committee: Shawnte Thompson, Chair                                                                  Economic Development: Shymaine Davis, Chair                                                                          Education Committee: Dr. Barbara Dezmon, Consultant                                          Finance/Fundraising Committee: Pamela Fowlkes, Chair                                                                  Health Committee: Jeanette Godfrey, Chair                                                                                        Legal Redress Committee: Shawnte Thompson, Chair                                                                      Kendra Jolivet, Esq.,Co-Chair                                                                                                          Membership Committee: Victor Brown, Chair                                                                                Deverne Coleman, Co-Chair                                                                                                                        Political Action Committee: Anaya Smith, Chair                                                                                        Task Force on Diversity in the Baltimore County Police Department: Therm Reed, Chair                  Task Force on Revitalization of Security Mall: Danielle Singley, Chair                                                Task Force on Middle Schools- Northwest Academy of Health Sciences: Ray Mosley, Chair          Women in NAACP: Melissa Powell, Chair                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Strategic Priorities
  • Education: Advocate for educational policies and resources that promote equal access to high quality education for communities of color within the Baltimore County Public Schools. 
  • Economic Empowerment: Accelerate economic growth and eliminate racial economic disparities through advocating equal employment opportunities, diversity recruitment, financial empowerment and building wealth within communities of color.
  • Criminal Justice: Advocate to reduce racial disparities in the Criminal Justice System, increase rehabilitation programs and reform Drug Law policies targeting communities of color in Baltimore County.
  • Health: Eliminate health disparities, advocate health care reform and combat childhood obesity to promote health and wellness in communities of color.
  • Political Action: Promote voter empowerment and advocate elected official accountability through implementing voter education, voter engagement, voter mobilization and voter turnout initiatives in Baltimore County. 


Baltimore County Master Plan 2030

We need your voice to ensure the Randallstown/Liberty Road Corridor and Woodlawn/Security areas  are added in the Master Plan 2030.  Additionally, having the Owings Mills area to continue in the Master Plan 2030 is important as well. This is crucial to ensure that our community (westside of Baltimore County) boasts a strong, resilient, and diversified economy, whose vibrancy improves the health and well being of all residents. Please attend the below meetings and let your voice be heard.

 Stay informed about upcoming meetings and input opportunities by visiting the Master Plan 2030 website. If you haven’t already, be sure to “join” to also receive general updates as the process progresses.